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Pumpkin Spice Feminized is a hybrid offering a well-rounded experience. It has a unique flavor profile that combines spicy, sweet, earthy, and even apple notes.

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Strain Description

Pumpkin Spice Feminized is a cannabis strain that offers a unique combination of flavors and effects. It is a cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies genetics, resulting in a strain with a tantalizing profile of spice, sweetness, earth, and a surprising hint of apple. In terms of growth, Pumpkin Spice Feminized exhibits a typical indica morphology. The plants grow to a short to medium height, making it suitable for growers with limited space. The strain produces a significant amount of foliage with close internodal spacing. Pumpkin Spice Feminized has a flowering period of 63 to 70 days after initiating flowering, making it compatible with growing alongside other strains. Indoors, it typically reaches a height of around 90 to 120 cm, making it ideal for small tents and grow boxes. Outdoor plants may grow slightly taller, averaging over 100 cm per plant. Despite its short stature, Pumpkin Spice Feminized delivers modest to high yields. Indoor gardeners can expect an average of 450 grams per square meter, while outdoor cultivators in warm climates can achieve over 550 grams per plant. It can be grown in various mediums, including soil, coco, hydroponics, and living soils. The buds of Pumpkin Spice Feminized form multiple large colas that rise above the main body of the plant. She produces elongated and spear-shaped buds that are dense and chunky. Both beginner and advanced growers appreciate the ease of growing and maintaining this strain. Her effects are a balanced blend of indica and sativa characteristics, starting with a tingle in the brain and a happy, cerebral embrace that uplifts the mood. It can boost creativity for certain individuals, making it a favorite among artists. As the effects progress, it induces a wave of relaxation throughout the body, allowing consumers to unwind and relax. Her aroma combines floral and herbal notes with a general sweetness with soothing earthy undertones. The flavor is equally intriguing combining spicy pine flavors with grounding notes of earthiness and herbal expressions. The unexpected highlight is the light, sweet taste of apple, which adds a delightful twist to the overall flavor experience.

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