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Runtz x Layer Cake is a well-rounded, balanced hybrid. Her flavor profile is described as citrus, diesel, earthy, and spicy, with an aroma of tropical fruits, herbal, sweet, and spicy. The effects of Runtz x Layer Cake are said to be creative and uplifting, that then provides relaxation.

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Strain Description

The Runtz x Layer Cake strain from Barneys Farm combines the genetics of Runtz, which is a popular strain known for its unique flavors and aromas, with Layer Cake, a strain created by crossing Wedding Cake and GMO “Garlic Cookies” with Cookies Kush and Skunk 1. This hybrid strain is a perfectly balanced 50% indica and 50% sativa hybrid. It exhibits sturdy and forgiving growth characteristics, producing multiple large, oversized, dense forest green buds with deep amber undertones, bright orange hairs, and a frosty coating of golden amber crystal trichomes. Indoors, the Runtz x Layer Cake strain has a rapid flowering period of just 65 to 70 days and can yield up to 650 g/m2. The height of the plants can reach up to 120 cm, depending on the duration of the growth cycle. The THC levels of this strain have been tested up to an incredible 27%, making it a potent choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Outdoors, under ideal conditions, the Runtz x Layer Cake strain can reach heights of up to 2 meters and produce yields of up to 2.5 kg per plant. Overall, this strain offers a combination of powerful genetics, high THC percentages, great production potential, and adaptability to different growing styles. Its touted as a must-try strain and promises a unique and enjoyable experience for those who try it.

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