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Sherbet Queen is the sensation that breaks typical stereotypes. She shares genetics with Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbet, and Pink Panties giving her delicious flavors, seductive aromas, and many other attributes. Her Flavors are that of candy with sweet notes throughout, but with a kick of lemons and finishing with a herbaceous aftertaste. Growers find her very forgiving and easy to grow.

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Strain Description

Sherbet Queen Automatic is an autoflowering cannabis strain that is highly regarded among growers for its combination of terpenes, It is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces dense, stoning buds in a remarkably short growing cycle. With a cultivation period of only 8-9 weeks, Sherbet Queen Automatic is a popular choice for growers looking for quick results. It has been developed through a dedicated breeding program, combining the flavorful Pink Panties strain with Cookies Auto to enhance both potency and taste. Indoor plants of Sherbet Queen Automatic typically reach heights of 70-100 cm and yield around 325-425g/m². It is recommended to cultivate 4-6 plants in a growing space and utilize the ScrOG (Screen of Green) technique to maximize yields. Outdoor plants tend to grow slightly taller, reaching heights of 90-120cm and yielding up to 150g per plant. The buds of Sherbet Queen Automatic are known for their heavy coating of trichomes and orange-yellow pistils. With a THC level of 20%, this strain delivers a potent high that primarily affects the body, alleviating physical tension. The flavor profile includes sweet and fruity notes, providing a pleasurable and indulgent experience. Overall, Sherbet Queen Automatic is considered a successful autoflowering strain that offers excellent yields, delightful flavors, and a powerful high. It is particularly recommended for beginner growers due to its easy cultivation process and compact size.

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