Tropicanna Banana



Tropicanna Banana is a mesmerizing tropical cocktail of fresh and fruity flavors, uncompromising power and extraordinary yield potential. This remarkable hybrid is sweet, sticky, pumped up, highly potent and will leave growers gasping in awe at these high performing genetics.

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Strain Description

Tropicanna Banana strain is a highly regarded addition to the collection of cannabis strains from Barneys Farm. It is known for its captivating tropical flavors, potent effects, and impressive yield potential. This hybrid strain is primarily Sativa dominant, with a genetic makeup of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Tropicanna Banana is the result of crossing Tropicanna (a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie) with Banana Kush, which contributes a calming Indica influence to the hybrid. The plant is characterized by its sweet and sticky buds adorned with abundant trichomes that emit a delightful tropical fruit scent. When cultivated indoors, Tropicanna Banana can reach heights of up to 1.1 meters and produce yields of around 700 grams per square meter within a flowering period of 65-70 days. Outdoor growers can achieve even higher yields, with up to 2 kilograms per plant. The strain boasts THC levels ranging from 22% to 25%, ensuring a potent experience with notable therapeutic and uplifting effects that can last throughout the day. She tastes like ripe fruits, bananas and tropical undertones, with an earthy and pungent smell. Overall, Tropicanna Banana strain offers a vigorous growth pattern, impressive production potential, and a delightful combination of flavors and effects that make it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

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