Velvet Moon



The well balanced Velvet Moon hybrid is a cross between DoSiDos and Holy Punch. Offering a perfect balance of both her parents, she has a pungent sweetness like fresh fruit with perfect maturation of the holy punch, combined with some lemon and earthiness from the DoSiDos.

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Strain Description

Velvet Moon is a cannabis strain that combines 40% Sativa and 60% Indica genetics. It is a hybrid created by crossing Dosidos, a popular strain from the USA, with Holy Punch, one of the last breeding projects by Franco. The effects of Velvet Moon are described as long-lasting and fast-hitting, particularly in the head during the first few minutes. As time passes, the effects gradually fade, leaving the user with a pleasant buzz and a sensation of happiness that can last for several hours. When cultivated indoors, Velvet Moon has a flowering cycle of 8-9 weeks and offers a medium to high yield. It is known for its vigorous growth and attractive appearance. The plant has a moderate stretch, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It develops good lateral branching, which provides stability without requiring additional support until the end of the flowering stage. During flowering, Velvet Moon forms beautiful and compact round flowers with large round calyxes, inheriting the density and resin production from Dosidos. For outdoor cultivation, Velvet Moon is typically harvested in the beginning of October. The plants can reach an average height of 170 to 200 cm and yield around 700 grams per plant. In terms of aroma and flavor, Velvet Moon offers a balanced combination of its parent strains. It has a pungently sweet scent, reminiscent of fresh fruit, with the perfect maturation of the Holy Punch. The Dosidos influence adds hints of acidic lemon and earthiness to the aroma. When smoked, Velvet Moon delivers a flavorful experience with a combination of acidity, sweetness, and creamy earthiness on the exhale.

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