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White Widow XXL is classic Amsterdam. It has evolved over time and now contains both Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica genetics. She is versatile and able to grow well in a variety of conditions, including colder climates with a high resistance to mold and bugs, making it a good choice for growers of all levels of experience. She is a fast-growing, compact plant that develops strong branches and bushy foliage in preparation for its flowering stage. White Widow XXL is pungent, skunky, sweet, and citrusy, while the flavor is earthy and spicy with hints of pine wood.

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Strain Description

White Widow from Barneys Farm is a classic strain from Amsterdam. She is known for her distinct aroma, combining pungent skunky and savory sweet scents, which have become symbolic of Amsterdams streets and canals. White Widow evolved over time. She still retains the Brazilian Sativa high, but is enhanced 75% super resinous South Indian Indica. This combination makes it suitable for various growing conditions and techniques, as it is mold-resistant, resistant to bugs, and can tolerate colder climates. White Widow strain typically takes on a classic Indica shape as it matures, into a compact and vigorous plant that develops strong branches, eventually becoming bushy and wide in preparation for flowering. When grown indoors, she can reach heights of 100-120cm, while outdoor plants can easily reach 2 meters. The flowering time indoors is around 9 weeks, and outdoor harvests are usually done in early October. During the flowering stage, White Widow exhibits large, heavy, and resinous buds that emerge from its branches. The flowering columns can sometimes resemble a more Sativa-like structure, which is one of the unique traits of this strain. The resin production is exceptional, creating a thick layer of glistening trichomes that cover the colas, giving them an almost white appearance. Additionally, the buds feature long bright orange pistils and small dark green sugar leaves. In terms of aroma and flavor, the White Widow strain offers an exotic terpene profile. It is known for its pungent skunky and sweet citrus aromas, accompanied by earthy, pine wood, and spice flavors. The White Widow XXL strain by Barneys Farm, as mentioned in the description, is categorized as 25% Sativa and 75% Indica.

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